Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tommy has a best friend named Lukas. Last week Tommy came and told me that Lukas got a new car... a red convertible. Tommy was so excited. They are good at taking turns driving. They have a helmet that the driver has to wear so they get out of the car and switch drivers and the helmet. It is so cute to watch them play together.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday fun!

Well it is official. Elizabeth is 11. She had a slumber party for her birthday . I don't think they got much sleeping done. The last time I told them to setting down and go to sleep it was 4:00am and I know they were up till at least 5:00am. Sorry to all the mom's who had grumpy girls the next day. But they had blast !

Lizzie got a i pod for her birthday. The one she had before didn't work to well after it went through the washing machine. Now we won't say who washed it, but whoever it was felt guilty enough to replace it. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

Christian and his friend Mitchell. They had so much fun together this summer riding bikes and running back and forth. They would just sit in the back of the ranger for hours. They would put on their seat belts and everything.