Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally it is quiet.

Since Torey is away in Brazil for 10 days, my mom and I decided that we needed to get away also. So we packed up the van and kids and headed for warmer weather. We landed in St George where we were able to just relax and sit by the pool. It was wonderful. We got a little shopping done and did a little sight seeing. (Wouldn't you know it that I didn't take a single picture to post. Torey has the camera with him.) The kids had a great time swimming everyday. And I had a great time not cleaning the house. Then I don't know what happened but the car ride was was extra long. The kids starting getting really excited to be out of the car and they were driving me nuts. This continued even after we got home until they were all in bed last night. Then started up again this morning ( it is the first day back on track) So needless to say I am very excited to have all the kids in school and to just be chillin at home with Christian. I can finally catch my breath.